Anime Central 2016 Booth+Panel

In Conventions by Sekai Project

In the midst of this busy convention season, we’ll be attending Anime Central taking place in Rosemont, IL from May 20th- 22nd. But this time, we’re switching things up a bit: instead of a merchandise booth, we’ll have a booth featuring information of all of our upcoming titles. However, that doesn’t mean you won’t get anything!

There will be a limited number of NEKOPARA pin badges we will be giving away for FREE to those who sign up to receive our newsletter. Along with that, if you follow our Twitter account and/or Facebook page and make a tweet or post with the hashtag #SPACEN2016, you’ll get an exclusive poster. We’ll also be doing a giveaway with several goodies if you show up to our panel on Friday the 20th at 5:30pm CT in Panel Room 6! By the way, we’ll have two announcements to show off from two new partners. Please look forward to it!



Please come by booth #61 for details on how you can enter to win cool prizes and chat with us about what upcoming Sekai Project-licensed games you’re looking forward to!

Additionally, we’ll be holding a live stream on Twitch in the Sekai Project office at 5PM PST right after the panel. Moved to next month sorry!

We hope to see you there!