Introducing Sekai Project’s Official Mascot

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Hey folks, this is Chris, one of the co-founders of Sekai Project. I’ve been asked by the staff to write this blog post regarding a recent project that we have had in the works for quite some time.

As some of you may have noticed, over the weekend at Anime Central we had a number of promotional goodies we were giving out including something with a mysterious, girl in blue. Who was she, you ask? Perhaps a character from an upcoming, unannounced license? While we’re certainly amused with the idea, that’s not quite it.

And with that said, Sekai Project is proud to announce our first mascot character, Sena Aozora!

The lovely, Sena-chan is illustrated by the artist, zpolice. This talented artist is from Thailand but now lives in Japan and has done illustration work for light novels, card games, CD jacket design and character design as well. He was the recipient of the Gold Award in the 19th Dengeki Illustration Contest. Currently he collaborates on the illustration design for the mobile game, Tokyo 7th Sisters.

Before the plans to make a mascot character were under way, there had been a lot of office discussion about what Sekai Project would do for its 3rd year anniversary. There was a strong interest in doing more to promote our brand and what better way than to come up with a mascot? The only question was who we’d ask to do the design and what the mascot character would look like.

I had some ideas for the design but choosing an artist proved to be very difficult. In the end, it came down to zpolice’s design and that of Rosuuri, an artist who has done beautiful work on Human Reignition Project, Highway Blossoms, and Kanji no Owari among a long list of other works. It was a tough decision but in the end we went with zpolice’s design. Nevertheless, we here at Sekai Project want to thank Rosuuri for her work and certainly look forward to seeing more of her work in the future!

Regarding the theme of the mascot, I wanted something that really represented Sekai Project and the idea of a tour guide seemed to click. In my travels through Japan, I would see these uniformed tour guides, with a little flag in their hand, taking groups of tourists around and the idea of someone guiding fans into the world of visual novels and beyond just took off. For the color of her uniform, we went with core colors in the Sekai Project logo, which is blue and white. Regarding Sena-chan’s last name, Aozora (青空) is Japanese for “blue sky” which goes together with the “clouds in the sky” motif we use on our website and logo while the “Se” in her name are taken from the first two letters of Sekai Project.

As Sekai Project continues to grow, it’s hoped that Sena-chan will help guide fans to the wonderful titles we release and at the same time we definitely hope that she will become popular with everyone as well. There are definitely plans in progress to use her more in promotional materials going forward so definitely look forward to that. She’s a good girl so please treat her kindly, alright? 🙂


For additional information on zpolice and Rosuuri: