NEKOPALIVE Now on Steam!

In General by Sekai Project

What was originally an April Fool’s joke has now become the purrfect VR showcase!

headerWhat’s NEKOPALIVE? Why, it’s a “cat-certo!” The catgirls of La Soleil take to the stage and step into the spotlight with their very own live concerts. Dancing, singing, MIX’ing and purring, this is the NEKOPARA event that comes right home to you, and you’ve got the best seat in the house! No idol can compare to a catgirl! 🐾

Screen-1 screen2Match the rhythm to cheer on the stars of the show! Watch them become the greatest idols of all! 🎶

vrsupport2With full support of VR devices, this interactive concert allows you to jump into the venue in full 3D to zoom, pan, tilt and gaze at the beautiful graphics and fun choreography. Grab your glowsticks and prepare for ‘otagei,’ because this is your chance to experience NEKOPARA as if it was real and right in front of you!

Songs include Thump Thump ☆ Heart-Throbbing ☆ Flavor [トキドキ☆ココロ☆フレーバー] and 100% Meow Power Nyantasy [100にゃんパワーで夢心地].

al_sd_cho al_sd_vanal_sd_azu al_sd_coc

NEKOPALIVE is now available via Steam for free!

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