Sekai Project Joins the Charity Stream Event: 12 Days of Indie!

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The holiday season is here!ūüéÖūüéĄ And you know what that means… Getting together with family and friends, eating tons of good food, kicking back and relaxing, gift-giving and much more. Sure, receiving gifts is pretty awesome, but giving a gift to someone who really needs it is even better. You, too, can help make a difference in someone’s life this holiday season!

We’re proud to be a sponsor of the charity game streaming event: 12 Days of Indie! 12 Days of Indie¬†is a 12-day event held on December¬†1st through the 12th. Over 30 broadcasters from all over the world will be raising funds and awareness for Toys for Tots,¬†a charity organization that attempts to make sure no child goes without a Christmas gift each year, which they have been doing since 1947.¬†Each broadcaster¬†will bring their own style for all to see on in attempt¬†to meet the $12,000 goal, so children¬†can experience the joy of a receiving a brand-new toy on Christmas. All of this will be done while having fun streaming a variety of great¬†games and having several¬†giveaways throughout all 12 days of the event!

This is the 4th year that the 12 Days of Indie¬†has striven to bring streamers, developers, publishers, and viewers together to attempt to raise funds for¬†Toys for Tots. However, their¬†goal goes beyond just¬†raising money; additionally, 12 Days of Indie also seeks¬†to bring awareness to indie game developers and publishers to a wide variety of international audiences. Since we’re sponsors for this amazing event, several of our games will be streamed…but that’s not all! Remember when giveaways were mentioned earlier? That’s right, the games that are featured on the event will also be given away throughout the Sekai Project block!

Want to know which ones of our games will be played on the stream event?

They’ll have some of our non-VNs games, like the recently released A Magical High School Girl.
gallery06This magic crafting rogue-like RPG features a high school girl that comes to the aid of a powerful witch, but what she gets as a reward is not at all what she expected or wanted! Our heroine was on her way back home from another busy day at school when she encounters someone dressed as a witch. The witch appeared to be hurt and asked for a band-aid. Our heroine provided her with one to which she gets thanked by…getting magical powers and being sent to another world?! Now armed with potent spells, will she be able to deal with an endless number of monsters and find her way back home?

Another game that will be shown is the 2D point and click adventure game,¬†Resette’s Prescription ~Book of memory, Swaying scale~.

Resette3While in the midst of a forest, Resette, our short-fused heroine, and her cute cat assistant, Gaede, stumble upon Achille, an unconscious young boy suffering from an illness. He has a ‘sleeping sickness,’ a disease that has him locked in a comatose state due to deeply-rooted subconscious trauma and fear.¬†With the magical ability to enter people’s minds, Resette and Gaede venture into the young boy‚Äôs mind in effort to figure out what exactly it is that‚Äôs troubling him and why he’s unable to wake up. Will our heroine and her feline friend be able to cure Achille by helping him resolve and overcome his trauma and fears so can once again go back to being a normal, carefree boy?

Of course, there will be some VNs featured on the event as well! One such game will be the yuri kinetic novel set in the set in the American Southwest, Highway Blossoms.

HB4After an old gold rush miner’s journal is discovered, supposedly detailing where he hid parts of his stash, a nationwide craze begins as would-be prospectors try to solve its clues and strike it rich. While everyone is frantically looking for this treasure, Amber couldn’t care less. Wandering the desert in a recently-inherited motor-home, she mourns the loss of her grandfather – indifferent and unaware of the hunt happening around her. It’s not until she meets Marina, a young hitchhiker lost in New Mexico that the girls get swept up in the rush.¬†What will happen between these two young women as their travels go on?

These three games and many more will be shown on¬†12 Days of Indie! Here’s¬†the schedule for when our games will be shown:

  • Saturday 12/3 @ 11am – 3pm PST
  • Sunday 12/4 @ 11am – 3pm PST
  • Saturday 12/10 @ 11am – 3pm PST

Stop by the charity game streaming event, enjoy the games being played by these generous casters, win some awesome prizes, and most importantly, donate to¬†a worthy cause so we can make a child’s holiday a much brighter one!¬†ūüéĀ

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