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Having immersed herself in stories and fairy tales about a mystical place she hopes to one day reach…to then find out that place might be real after all?! What other option is there for Medianne but to try and find it? ✨

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Medianne Phirtia is an honors student residing in the region of Midgard, who has long held an admiration for ‘Celestria’ — a place spoken of in fairy tales where users of magic reside. Her severe fixation on Celestria leads her to read literature and documents about those fairy tales during breaks from her studies. It didn’t take her long to determine that the fairy tales were more than stories!

Yes…the mysterious ‘Phantasm Tower’ in the very center of the world is the very entrance to Celestria!

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Take control of Medianne and help her get to the top of the tower by:

  • Making use of all sorts of powerful magic – Cast magic by gaining the assistance of the spirits who live in the tower. At first, you will have the fire spirit, Salamander, but as you advance the story, you can meet more spirits and gain their help. Use the wide variety of magic at your disposal and complete the magic test!
  • Increasing your spirit’s synchro rate and taking out all your enemies with summoning magic – As you use the same spirit’s magic, your “synchro rate” will continue to increase. Once it reaches 100%, you can summon that spirit. Summoning magic is extremely powerful, so use it whenever you’re at a critical moment!
  • Using coins and boost your status – As you clear a stage, you will be shown a results screen and receive coins based on your performance so far. Coins you gain can be used to learn new magic, buy items, increase your HP, and more!

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Will Medianne ever make it to the top of the tower? Find out by playing MAGICAL×SPIRALout now on Steam for a price of $14.99 with a 10% launch discount!

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