AOD 2017 Information

In Conventions by Sekai Project

We hope you all had a great holiday season with your loved ones and a wonderful start to your new year! 🎉

With a new year comes a new convention schedule! To kick this convention season off, we’ll be attending AOD 2017 over at the Santa Clara Marriott in Santa Clara, CA from March 18-19. ✨

We’ll be bringing with 4 amazing guests that you won’t want to miss out on meeting:



Kio Nachi


Kio Nachi is a renowned veteran of the visual novel industry, acting as author and graphic designer on dozens of games. As a scenario writer, his most famous works are The Fruit of Grisaia, which has been translated into English and released on Steam, and Aokana: Four Rhythm Across the Blue, which was adapted into an anime in 2016. His design works are sought after by studios across the anime industry as well, with his work appearing in such popular anime as Hidamari Sketch and Gochuumon wa Usagi Desu ka?




p19 is an illustrator from Japan who works in character design for visual novels and light novels. She designed the characters for the visual novels KARAKARA and Himawari!!, and provided illustrations for the light novel series Hime Gitsune no Servant, Crovence Senki Bloody Biscara, and VAMP on the DEADLINE. She’s also the organizer for the doujin circle called “practice“, which regularly appears at the famed Comic Market event. p19 will also be providing the program guide and promotional illustrations for AOD 2017!




pan is an artist who provides original art and illustrations to visual novels. When she’s not working on games like Sakura no Reply or Ama Koi Syrups, she is leading her doujinshi circle called “Pan no Mimi“, which makes makes regular appearances at Japan’s famous Comic Market and its fluffy-eared cousin, Mimiket.




suimya is an unabashed fan of twintails whose art credits in games include Ama Koi Syrups and Yomegami. When she’s not working on art for games, she and her circle, “chilly polka“, can be found in the halls of Comic Market and other doujinshi events, offering original doujinshi and illustration collections.




Our booth is located in the California Ballroom, over in booth #D18. As you enter the dealer’s room, make a right and we’ll be in the second aisle in. Swing by and chat with us about your favorite and upcoming Sekai Project-licensed games you’re looking forward to!

Here’s what we’ll have available for purchase at our booth:

We will be checking IDs for the 18+ material, so please remember to bring your ID to the booth!


We’ll be holding two must-see panels!

  • p19 Live Art: Saturday, March 18th at 3pm, located in Live Events 1
    • People who attend will have a chance to win the finished art along with other goodies! Don’t miss this panel!
  • Visual Novels with Sekai Project: Sunday, March 19th at 2pm, located in Live Events 2


All of our guests will be having their autograph sessions located in the Sierra room:

  • Kio Nachi
    • Saturday, March 18th @ 2:00pm – 2:30 pm
    • Sunday, March 19th @ 1:00pm – 1:30pm
  • p19/Suimya/Pan
    • Saturday, March 18th @ 4:30pm – 5:00pm
    • Sunday, March 19th @ 12:00pm – 12:30pm

No need to worry about autograph tickets; just show up at the indicated time the session is being held and you’ll be good to go!


p19, pan and suimya will be also taking commissions! 🎨 Each artist will take up to 4 commission orders, which will be in black & white only. You can either request a character/illustration that the artist has done in their previous original works, or let them choose what to draw. Requests for gender, hair styles, poses are available for either of the mentioned options. Information for commission prices will be available at our booth. Finished commissions will be mailed to the customer after it is finished.

We hope to see you at AOD 2017! Stop by our booth to say hi and chat about what games you’re excited to play! See ya there! ✨