Let’s Meet the Alpha’s Adventures Characters!

In General by Sekai Project

Attention, yuri lovers!¬†ūüďĘ There’s a game that might be to your interests: Alpha’s Adventures!

Title_Screen_PromoIn Alpha’s Adventures, our main protagonist, Alpha, is¬†determined to build her own harem ‚Äď no matter what it takes!

You’ve seen Alpha’s Adventures getting some love on our social media pages; we talked about the characters in the game and held a character poll. Let’s take a look at the characters again and see who won the poll!




And here’s our character poll winner!


Thanks to those who took part in the poll! As a reward, a playable demo of Iori’s route will be available on Denpasoft for you to download and play!¬†‚ú®¬†Mark your calendars, because the demo will be available¬†on Friday, February 3rd!¬†Not only will you see Iori in all her glory, but you’ll get an early sneak peek of Alpha’s Adventures before the Kickstarter campaign launches on Tuesday, February 7th!

Keep informed on further details of the game through our social media pages. More details coming soon!

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