Sweetest Monster and Once on a Windswept Night Now Available!

In General by Sekai Project

If you’re a fan of Ebi-hime games, you are in for a treat! ✨ Yesterday, we released a couple of games you won’t want to miss: Sweetest Monster and Once on a Windswept Night. In Sweetest Monster, our protagonist had aspersions of being a pianist, but instead pursued a career as a music teacher for a more stable income. He regrets this decision, and subconsciously finds himself blaming his family for it. In Once on a Windswept Night, our protagonist An enigmatic figure who refuses to remove their cloak, under any circumstance; their name, age, and gender is unknown. They make a living as a travelling salesperson, but the actual items they sell are rather suspect. What will happen to both of them as their stories unfold?

nS2hRQ“I love you for who you are. I’ve loved you from the moment I met you.”

Robin Hawkins is down on his luck. His relationship with his wife, Sally, is stagnating and his daughter, Melody, no longer speaks to him. Stuck in an unsatisfying and draining job, Robin’s life is one long, monotonous slog… Until he meets the mysterious girl of his dreams in the middle of the night, Bell.

However, there is far more to Bell than meets the eye – and Robin’s ‘dreams’ are fast in danger of becoming ‘nightmares’.

OWivv+Game Features:

  • This VN is kinetic; it offers one path to follow
  • Around 40k words in length
  • Contains fanservice, sexual content/nudity and some psychological horror elements readers might find disturbing
  • Features entirely custom art and OST
  • Most importantly, contains a cute catgirl! ❤


Find out what our protagonist discovers by playing Sweetest Monster, now available on Steam for a price of $5.99 with a 10% launch discount!

0oJd0COnce upon a time, a long, long time ago, there was a traveler…

Our protagonist, a mysterious traveler, wanders the far-off land of Desservir searching for patrons to buy their wares. Upon hearing about a large annual market in the village of Castella, the traveler decides to set up a stall and try their luck. Life, however, is not so easy.

After being double-crossed by a goblin and left in the middle of the cold, wet moors to die, the traveler almost gives up hope. That is, until they stumble upon a mysterious church in the middle of nowhere, and meet the two nuns who attend to it. What are these two nuns doing on their own, and why is there such a melancholy atmosphere in the air? The traveler has only one windswept night to uncover these mysteries and learn the truth.

qHaXu8Game Features:

  • This VN has choices and multiple branches
  • The script is around 40k words
  • It focuses on yuri relationships
  • Includes lots of challenging achievements that are hard to get
  • Custom sprites, backgrounds and OST
  • Most importantly of all, it’s completely free!


Will our traveler uncover the mysteries behind the enigmatic church? Find out in Once on a Windswept Night, now available on Steam for FREE! You can also buy the game’s soundtrack for a price of $0.99!

Whether you encounter a cute and mysterious catgirl or two strange nuns, you can’t go wrong with these two games!