Will You Be My Sekai Sweetheart Giveaway!

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Love is in the air… 💘  Valentine’s Day is coming up next week and we all know that 3D gets pretty boring, so let’s make this all about the 2D waifus and husbandos! For this Valentine’s Day, take some time to show your affection for your favorite characters from games that we’ve released. You’ll have a chance to win some special prizes if you show off your love to the world!

Our staff took some time to give some love to our favorite girls, so we wanted to share them with you all!

20170206_115209 smallFrances – Brand Manager

I chose the girls from KARAKARA! I love this game, I love the girls and as Cullen mentions in game, Polygamy is allowed in the world of KARAKARA so I don’t have to choose and get both of these cuties!

20170206_115320smallI also had to take a minute to feed Lucia directly! Play KARAKARA today!

20170206_131512 smallNicole – Public Relations Assistant & Customer Service Specialist

Who doesn’t like cute bunny girls? 💖 I picked Erina from Rabi-Ribi not only because not only is she adorable, but she gets business done with her trusty Piko Hammer!

20170206_131721 smallDon’t be shy, Erina, help yourself to some delicious cake! 🍰

20170206_131555 small“W-What are you going to do…with that cake?”

IMG_20170206_121523Aaron Translator

Azuki’s got one hell of a foul mouth (which, admittedly, is partially my fault), but she’s earnest and hard-working. Despite being the smallest catgirl, she’s got the greatest presence in the bakery and keeps all the others on track. Of course, she can be a bit of a slave driver at times, but despite that, she definitely cares about everyone with all her heart! She’s super smart and also the cutest! Azuki da bes! Plus, she looks extra classy in that dress!

20170206_123351Josh – Project Manager

I’m a little biased, since I’m writing Yukino’s route in the Human Reignition Project, but she’d probably be my favorite anyway. It takes a while to get on Yukino’s good side, but lots of sweets makes that easier! Plus, Rosuuri’s gorgeous artwork with the cutout and sakura poster really emphasize how pretty Yukino is!

rainfeedHirei – Project Manager

I ended up choosing Rain Kirishima from the upcoming game Baldr Sky that I’m super excited to be a part of. Not only is her design super appealing to me but I admire her hardworking and mature demeanor. I also really want a model of the Aigis Guard that she pilots. I love the Simulcrums in the game which is no surprise since I’m a huge mecha fangirl. I hope that everyone enjoys playing through Baldr Sky in the future!

rainvalentineGet out Kou Kadokura, I am the protagonist now! Rain is all mine! 💖

IMG_20170206_133655 smallChris – CEO

Nagisa is the perfect girl. She’s caring and gentle and just makes you want to hold her in your arms. That she likes anpan is naturally, a quality character trait.

Now that you’ve seen our picks and how we showered them with love and sweets, you can do the same! Pick that one character you adore from one of the games we’ve released and put your own spin on showing them some love. It can be similar to the examples above or it can even be a video! Show off your waifus and be entered for a chance to win a physical limited edition of CLANNAD! ✨ You can still enter the giveaway if you’re feeling shy…but more priority will be given to those who are brave enough to show off their sweethearts!

Four winners will be picked on February 15th, so there’s plenty of time to get creative and present to the world who you think the best girl is! Click below on the gleam contest prompt to submit your entry.

We’ll be looking forward to seeing what you create! 💖

Sekai Project Valentine’s Day Giveaway