Big Translation Update for Ne No Kami Pt. 1 & Rewards Update!

In General, Update by Sekai Project

Greetings to all out there in the yuri family! 💖 We at team Ne no Kami hope everyone had a good time since our last update and are warming their hearts for that one special person for Valentines Day. And if that certain someone happens to be either Len, Uzume, Shinonome or Ruka, then we have some good news for you today! ✨

To kick things off, Ne no Kami Part 1 has gotten a significantly huge update that fixes virtually every error and mistranslation that was present in the game. While most of you had no trouble reading through this marvelous adventure, we were never quite satisfied with the state of the engine and the issues that it introduced after getting the English script inserted, which also led to a number of typos and grammatical errors to be missed at first pass. We spent quite some time now refining the engine and going through each line painstakingly to make sure all is right in the world.

Additionally, there is a brand new feature that you might notice:

As you can see, there is a shiny new icon on the UI now. This is a snapshot feature that allows you to share moments from Part 1 (and later on, Part 2) on your social media page without the need of an external app or button combination. Just the click of a mouse and you’re on your way to sprinkle your yuri magic for all to see! The button grays out during the more mature sensual scenes to avoid spoilers and awkwardness explaining to your family why you accidentally clicked the wrong button.

We are getting close to Part 2’s release, and as such we have begun production and preparation of our physical and digital rewards goods! 🎉  We figured some of you might be eager to have a small taste of some of the things to come, so here’s a little preview:

First up is the printed shikishi! 🎨 This fully colored art by Hatachi-san is indeed the very same drawing that was done during the livestream that we shared a few updates ago.

Second, the original soundtrack! 🎼 We got some fun things planned for this reward, and we aren’t quite ready yet to finalize the track list, but we are almost there and we prepared a fade-demo for you to enjoy. This will encompass music from Part 1 & Part 2, as well as some surprises… Check it out and please be excited!

That’s it for today! We absolutely loved all the feedback and friendships made during this wonderful journey, and with Part 2 coming up very soon, we can’t wait to hear from all of you again.

Yuri fans are truly the best, and that’s why we want Ne no Kami to be the best gift that we can give you. And speaking of gifts, tomorrow Denpasoft will be running a contest for those of you who have not yet been able to discover the world and charm of Ne no Kami, so check back on this space then for information!

See you soon! 👋

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