Two Great Games Coming Your Way Today on Steam!

In General by Sekai Project

Today, not only has the humongous Anime Weekend Sale started, but we have TWO amazing games releasing today on Steam! 🎮✨

Developer: PacoProject

Imagine having a great date with your girlfriend to then…find her as an alpaca afterwards?! Such is the life of Kazuma, whose girlfriend, Yukari, is now a very cute and fluffy alpaca!

Our protagonist, Kazuma Saeki is living the life. Surrounded by friends, especially his cute girlfriend Yukari Izumi, his school days could not be any better. But his life would never be the same after a drastic change. On a bus ride back from a date with Yukari at “Alpaca Kingdom,” he wakes up from a nap and finds that it’s not Yukari that’s sitting next to him…


Instead of Yukari sitting next to him, there was a fluffy alpaca!

“What’s the matter, Kazuma? You suddenly shouted…”

The alpaca looking at Kazuma with wonder talked exactly like Yukari. What will happen to Kazuma and his life with an alpaca? How exactly does an alpaca play the violin? What is the connection between “Alpaca Kingdom” and what happened to Yukari?

Kazuma’s summer with an alpaca begins.

Will Yukari stay as an alpaca forever? Find out by playing PacaPlus, now available on Steam for a price of $9.99 with a 10% launch discount!

Project LUX
Developer: Spicy Tails

The crime is…murder. Experience the mysterious futuristic world of Project LUX, where you dive into a “criminal’s” mind to find out the real details of the felony.

Our story takes place in a court trial, set in a futuristic world where most humans have cyberbrains. The defendant on trial is an agent who coordinates with artists to create the data for cyberbrains to interact with people’s emotions. The victim is a girl artist named Lux. The jury must investigate what really happened by reliving the memory data of the defendant.

From the creative mind behind the WORLD END ECONOMiCA series, this title is Spicy Tails‘ new adventure adopting visual novel elements into a virtual reality space. Project LUX is a story-oriented work, which in contrast to recent works can described as “experience-oriented.”

The game’s conception forming from an idea upon reading Dr. Naotaka Fujii’s book, “Kakuchō Suru Nō” (Expanding Brain) in 2014, Project LUX puts you in the perspective of the agent as he interacts with Lux.


  • Five episodes that bring this VR adventure to life
  • Featuring the voice talents of Aimi Tanaka as Lux and Teruaki Ogawa as the agent.
  • Lux is brought to life with the beautiful character designs of illustrator Luna Tsukigami and the motion capture performed by Aimi Tanaka herself.

A few things to note about this Early Access title:

  • To use Oculus Rift to play Project LUX, please follow the steps outlined in this guide
  • At the moment, keyboard controls only apply for accessing the menu
  • Feature to play the game without the use of a VR HMD may have some bugs

What will be revealed from reliving the agent’s memory data of what transpired? Find out by playing Project LUX, now available on Steam for a price of $24.99 with a 10% launch discount!

Which one of our new titles are you most excited about? We hope you enjoy them! ✨