The Sekai Project Humble Bundle Spotlight – KARAKARA

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It’s Sunday, and we have the perfect games available for you play during this relaxing day with the Sekai Project Humble Bundle! Humble Bundle is not only a great way to get some amazing games for a very low price, but it also supports some great causes. During our Humble Bundle we’re supporting the following organizations:

In addition to these charities, you can designate funds to a charity of your choice!

We’ve been showcasing some great games we’ve got through the Sekai Project Humble Bundle, so during this lazy Sunday, we’ve got the perfect game to play through: KARAKARA!

In KARAKARA, you play as Leon, a small business owner who runs the local diner in the small town of Sagami Francisco. It’s the future, and now along with humans, there are hybrids simply known as “others.” These almost human, but not quite human, live among society now and are quite the norm nowadays. But the story does not focus on that; this is a simple slice of life story about Leon, his diner and his partner Lucia. They run the diner together, but there is a lingering romantic feeling between the two that is just a bit unspoken!

Everything changes when Leon encounters Aisia on the side of the road. Aisia is a sweet girl who is looking for answers to her questions, but somehow ends up working at Leon’s diner. She’s got a mysterious past, but she bonds with Leon and Lucia nonetheless.

With fantastic art by p19, voice acting by Kawashima Rino & Natsuno Koori, KARAKARA is that cute and relaxing game for Sundays! Follow their heartwarming story together in KARAKARA, a game in the Sekai Project Humble Bundle. Don’t miss out on this crazy good deal; get amazing titles that are valued at almost $300 for an incredibly low price! With that, you’ll have the awesome bonus of supporting a great cause. Don’t delay, get the Sekai Project Humble Bundle today! ✨

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