The Sekai Project Humble Bundle Spotlight – fault – milestone one & fault – milestone two side:above

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It’s time for Monday Motivation and what better way to motivate yourself for the week than with some amazing new games? 🎮 We have the perfect games available for you in our Sekai Project Humble Bundle! We’ve partnered up with Humble Bundle to bring you a great library of visual novels for an incredible price in which proceeds will go to these great organizations:

In addition to these charities, you can designate funds to a charity of your choice!

Since we’ve been showcasing the great games we’ve got in the Sekai Project Humble Bundle, let’s talk about another one of our favorites: the fault series!

Fault starts out with fault – milestone one, where our story begins with a castle under siege. The Princess, Selphine, and her trusty and loyal Royal Guard, Ritona, make their way to escape the mysterious attackers using their Mana abilities.

But, when they managed to get away, they arrive in a place they don’t recognize. They are far away from home, and to make matters worse, now their ability to use Mana is deteriorating at a fast pace. Can they get home in time? Who are these people attacking their homeland? Follow them on their journey home back to Rughzenhaide.

Pick up both fault – milestone one and  fault – milestone two side:above available in the Sekai Project Humble Bundle! Plus, the team behind the fault series, ALICE IN DISSONANCE, will be appearing at Anime Expo 2017 as Guests of Honor! Play the games, then come and meet the team who created this magical world! ✨

Experience the world of fault by picking up the Sekai Project Humble Bundle. You’ll not only get great games, but you’ll also support some great organizations!

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