The Sekai Project Humble Bundle Spotlight Double Feature – Ame no Marginal -Rain Marginal- & Narcissu 10th Anniversary Anthology Project

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Happy Hump day! Thank you for joining us in another episode of the Sekai Project Humble Bundle Spotlight, where we talk about the great games included in the latest Humble Bundle! We’ve partnered up with Humble Bundle to bring you a great library of visual novels for an incredible price in which proceeds will go to these great organizations:

In addition to these charities, you can designate funds to a charity of your choice!

Today, we’re doing a double feature!  These two games were written by the same author, Tomo Kataoka, and they’re stories that will tug at your heartstrings. That’s right, we’re talking about Ame no Marginal -Rain Marginal- & Narcissu 10th Anniversary Anthology Project.

In Ame no Marginal -Rain Marginal-, after a young man gets off an elevator one day, a mysterious world was waiting. No one else was around, only endless rainy sky and weathered flagstones. In this world, getting hungry and even death wasn’t possible.

It was a world where time seems to have stopped. Except one thing — the rain continued to fall. “This world has a population of just one. So get out,” a girl named Rin told the protagonist. She declared that she was the lone mistress of this rainy world.

For how many years, decades, even centuries… Has she lived all alone in this world? Will the day come when the rain stops falling? Find out more by playing Ame no Marginal -Rain Marginal-, a game in the Sekai Project Humble Bundle!

“Life is like a waiting room, except people don’t leave in the order they enter.” So when it is time to leave, where will it be? And will you be able to smile in the end? Narcissu 10th Anniversary Anthology Project is a thought-provoking visual novel series about terminal illness, living, dying, and the relationship between those leaving and those left behind. There are no miracles, no heroes, no villains in this story. Just life and the characters finding their own ways of facing death in an indifferent, relentless, ever-impartial reality.

The core of this anthology are the following included games:

  • Narcissu – Two terminally ill patients meet on the 7th floor hospice. Neither like the 7th floor, nor their own homes. And so, they set off on a journey.
  • Narcissu 2 – A prequel to the original, telling the story of a patient named Himeko through Setsumi’s eyes.
  • Narcissu 2: Himeko’s Epilogue – details the final moments of Himeko’s story.

But that’s not all, the DLC is also included! It contains the following chapters:

  • Narcissu: A Little Iris – A side story set in medieval Europe, exploring what it means to desire to live, or die.
  • Narcissu: Zero – The origin story of the 7th floor hospice and its rules.
  • Narcissu: Sumire – An entirely new chapter in the series, it tells the tale of two girls who cross paths: one dying and the other desiring death, both filled with profound regrets about their respective lives.

Do you enjoy heartfelt, hauntingly beautiful stories? These highly emotional stories are definitely something to witness! Play both Ame no Marginal -Rain Marginal- and Narcissu 10th Anniversary Anthology Project today by picking them up through the Sekai Project Humble Bundle! With these two games and even more amazing ones valued at almost $300 for an extremely low price, it’s the best way to experience visual novels!

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