Anime Expo 2017 Info

In Conventions by Sekai Project

Anime Expo is ALMOST HERE! We have lots of exciting stuff in store for you all this year!


Want to check out our new announcements and updates on our games? New to the world of visual novels and want to familiarize yourself with who we are? We welcome you to join us for what will surely be the best event of the year at Anime Expo 2017!


Visual Novels with Sekai Project & ALICE IN DISSONANCE:

Sunday, July 2nd @ 12:00 pm – 2:00 pm

Located in LP5/LACC 404 AB





Our panel this year will be divided in two parts; the first half will focus on Sekai Project, a bit of information on who we are and what we do, as well as exciting news and announcements that you don’t want to miss. The second half will focus exclusively on ALICE IN DISSONANCE, makers of the universally acclaimed fault series. They will showcase their newest release, Silence The Pedant, as well as provide updates on their various projects as well as reveal some exciting news. Of course, there will also be a chance to ask them your questions at the very end!

Look forward to our many surprises and we look forward to seeing all of YOU!




ALICE IN DISSONANCE, the indie game developer behind the groundbreaking visual novel series fault, is our guest of honor this year. Since their inception in 2012, they have strived to create the best visual novel experience for a worldwide audience, and break new grounds within the genre and beyond. Mixing cinematic flair with influences from science fiction and fantasy, fault milestone proved to be a runaway success for newcomers and longtime fans of visual novels which has resulted in more than 100,000 copies sold worldwide. Their newest title, fault -SILENCE THE PEDANT strives to break out of the traditional realms of a visual novel experience and involve the player even further into the story through interactivity and amazing dynamic visuals.

At Anime Expo 2017, director Munisix an art director Hare Konatsu will be on hand to share their story and meet with fans.



Munisix, the founder of ALICE IN DISSONANCE, is a self-proclaimed writer and a hack fraud. He’s the mind that crafted the vast world of fault for readers to venture into.


Hare Konatsu is the art director of ALICE IN DISSONANCE. She is in charge of giving the fault series life through her gorgeous and stunning artwork.


Munisix and Hare-san will both have autograph sessions. More details on the time and location will become available soon!

Additionally, Hare-san will be taking black-and-white commission requests. You can either request something from the fault series or leave it up to her to decide what to draw. These will be limited to TWELVE commissions on a first-come, first-served basis, so show up early if you want amazing commissioned art by the incredible Hare-san!


We’re located at booth #4515. Drop by and say hi!


We have a huge selection of items available for purchase, some that are Anime Expo-exclusive, which you won’t get to see anywhere else! Keep in mind that these items are limited in number; if you want to make sure you get some, show up as early as you can to secure them. We will have a complete merchandise list online and available for y’all soon.

Lastly we don’t want to forget our friends at Denpasoft. The Denpasoft panel will feature news, announcements and surprises regarding all things 18+ and is located in the same room at LP5/LACC 404 AB at 9PM, July 2nd. For more information on Denpasoft and their lineup and merchandise, check out their information blog right here (NSFW)!

We hope you’re as excited as we are for Anime Expo! We’re looking forward to seeing you at booth #4515 and in our panels!