Otakuthon 2017 Panel Recap!

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Missed out on our Otakuthon panel and want to get all the juicy details of what was announced? You’re in luck as we’re bringing you a fresh recap of what was announced!

Otakuthon, is held yearly in Montreal Canada, so we decided to use this time to focus on our upcoming French translations! This means that Sekai Project is now going to be bringing some of your favorite titles in French!

Below are the titles we announced coming soon in French!

First up is The Falconers: Moonlight. This thrilling Visual novel is a great read for beginners as well as longtime fans of the genre!

Then we have Highway Blossoms! This Yuri oriented Visual Novel will take you on the road trip of your life! It’s also getting a remastered with English voice acting and updated CGs! Check out the trailer!

Also getting a French translation soon is ATOM GRRRL!! This quirky VN is weird, hilarious and quite naughty! If you enjoy cute girls, Mafia warfare, and Cheeseburgers, you’ll be sure to enjoy this title! PSST It’s on sale this week for 55% off!

Next we’re proud to announce one of our favorite Ebi-Hime titles is going to be translated in French, It’s Strawberry Vinegar! This game is so sweet, and reading all about food in such detail in French is gonna make anyone’s mouth water!

Ne no Kami, one of our more popular titles from 2016 will be coming soon in French! It’s a great fantasy title, making use of dynamic animation sequences and awesome music to really bring the action and tension right in your face.


Love, Guitars and the Nashville Skyline is another title by Cosmillica who brought us ATOM GRRRL!! It’s a sweet love story between two women and the love they compose together! PSSST You can pick this up on sale this week only for 25% off!

KARAKARA, a title we worked on directly with and helped developed, is going to be translated into French! This sweet story about Lucia, Aisia and their life at Leon’s roadside diner is the perfect slice of life to take your mind off the troubles of the world!

Last but not least, fault – milestone one is not only going to be released in French, it’s coming out in French August 25th! So before the end of the month you’ll be able to play this fantastic game in French and join all the fans around the world who have come to love the fault series so dearly! Plus, you can now get fault – milestone one on steam for 66% off! But it’s this week only so don’t miss out!

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