Boss Blog #1: Spotlight on Memory’s Dogma Code: 01

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Welcome to hopefully the first of many installments of the Boss’s Blog. From here, I’ll be going over a variety of topics regarding the ins and outs of Sekai Project including our many projects. For today, I’d like to talk a bit about Memory’s Dogma Code: 01.

Developed by Japanese indie studio, LizArts, Memory’s Dogma’s setting is that of a near-future Japan where the technological breakthrough of being able to store a person’s memory in the form of digital data has changed the way people interact with the deceased. Through the Connect Center, a government-sanctioned facility. people can interact with the memories of the deceased loved ones which is advertised as a place where people can better cope with loss. However, there is a limitation of 49 days to interact with these memories before they are “digitombed” or erased from the Connect Center. It Is in this setting that our protagonist, Hiroki deals with the loss of his friend, Sorano, and with the help of their mutual friend, Kakeru, Hiroki eventually sets out for the Connect Center to interact with Sorano’s memories. Things don’t go according to plan and when Hiroki runs into the mysterious girl, Reina, the story truly begins.

What really jumped out at me in Memory’s Dogma Is the attention to detail in the technological advancements in the story’s setting. Notably, the prevalence of MRDs (Mobile Augmented Reality Device) which is almost like an ultra-powered smartwatch of sorts. Among other things, MRDs do a lot of what we already use smartphones for but the ease of use especially for things such as electronic payments and access to computer files in such a small package is no small feat. AR (Augmented Reality) technology allows for screen pop-ups which is handy for looking at maps among other things. It’s a nifty piece of hardware that may not be so impossible in the near future.

MRDs are pretty handy. No more walking out of the house without your ID again!

Another nice touch to Memory’s Dogma is the music. The main theme of the game has a very relaxing yet sort of melancholic feel to it. As you delve deeper into the game, the music really fits well to the overall mood. The opening song, “Ethelein” is another fantastic piece of music sung by the talented Mitsuki Nakae. It works well with the opening trailer as you watch Hiroki run, forever chasing something that seems to just be out of reach.

Ultimately, the most important thing is the story and I’ll admit that once I started playing it was hard to stop. While many people may become engrossed and focused on the technology and the sci-fi aspects of Memory’s Dogma, the suspense and the twists and turns that keep appearing throughout the game is what will keep people hooked. In the beginning, we are led to believe that this is a story about loss and how to cope with it. But as the story progresses, it’s clear that this is just one of many facets of the game. As Hiroki chases after the truth of Sorano’s death, it becomes increasingly clear that despite how much he faults himself for her death, it is too simple to just simply blame himself. There are greater forces at work and only when he comes to terms with himself will he realize just how important he is to the people around him.

A plethora of colorful and interesting characters are present in Memory’s Dogma!

There’s definitely a lot more I’d love to talk about regarding Memory’s Dogma but we’ll stop here for today. Next time, I’d love to talk about the characters as well and give some of my impressions of them! But I’ll have to save that for another Boss Blog!

Check out Memory’s Dogma for yourself on Steam!