Anime Expo 2018

In General by Sekai Project

Anime Expo is once again upon us for 2018! Not to mention it is also our 5th year anniversary! As always we have a plethora of news and guests!

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>>>AUTOGRAPH SESSIONS Schedule Change!!!<<<

Due to circumstances PICPICGRAM/hoshi has swapped time schedules with Sayori. We are aware the schedule on Anime Expo’s webpage shows differently, please follow the schedule we have on our webpage.

Sayori will now be signing at 10:40 AM Table 5

PICPICGRAM & hoshi will be signing at 12:20 PM Table 4



PICPICGRAM is an illustrator currently in Japan participating in various magazines, games and is known for bishoujo style designs. Ninja Girl and the Mysterious Army of Urban Legend Monsters!, ~Hunt of the Headless Horseman~, JapaneseSchoolLife, E☆2, and various exhibitions are the many works PICPICGRAM has done.


7/7 (Day 3, Sat) @ 12:20 PM – 1:20 PM Table 4


hoshi is an illustrator from Japan who participates in various events each year under the circle group “usagigo”. hoshi primarily works in original designs and games to name a few. hoshi loves to illustrate cute girls and sailor uniforms!


7/7 (Day 3, Sat) @ 12:20 PM – 1:20 PM Table 4



Sayori is the illustrator and creator behind the wildly popular visual novel series NEKOPARA. Renowned for her drawing style and the cute characters she creates, Sayori is well known not only in Japan but around the world as well.


7/7 (Day 3, Sat) @ 10:40 AM – 11:40 AM Table 5



Sekai Project here! With our already amazing line-up of illustrator guests we also wanted to put in the spotlight an artist we have collaborated with on an upcoming game: The Human Reignition Project. Kätzchen is one of the illustrators for the in-progress game The Human Reignition Project. Kätzchen loves drawing girls and specializes in ecchi and lewd artwork. Kätzchen is appearing at Anime Expo 2018 courtesy of our sister company Denpasoft. Scroll to the bottom to access their page link for more info!


7/7 (Day 3, Sat) @ 12:10 PM – 1:10 PM Table 3


Visual Novels with Sekai Project

7/7 (Day 3, Sat) @ 3:00 PM – 5:00 PM in LP 5/404 AB



Booth#: 4418

This year, along with our exclusive 5th year anniversary merchandise, we’ll be featuring 2 upcoming games to demo at our booth: Mahou Arms and Tokyo Chronos! Mahou Arms is a hack and slash magical girl dating sim where you fight off alien invasions while building a relationship with your magical girl! While Tokyo Chronos is a new way to experience Japanese adventure gaming using VR technology. Now our 5th year anniversary items include an exclusive clearfile and a super limited acrylic stand-up figure! Following this will be VERY limited various NEKOPARA merchandise such as a new t-shirt design in collaboration with NEKO WORKs, plushies and many more!

Featured Demo Stations

Mahou Arms

Mahou Arms is an upcoming hack and slash dating simulation game. Where you control different magical girl characters slashing through enemies that come at you. Hacking and slashing your way through the alien invasion your magical girl will transform, fight, win and get their battle uniforms ripped to shreds during combat! Upon returning from the menace of the aliens, your relationship will develop and blossom into dates and many other things your imagination may take you! From Studio Shimapan, come demo this new game with exhilarating graphics and test your prowess in fighting off the alien invasion set in the big apple city: New York!

Tokyo Chronos

Tokyo Chronos is a brand new way of experiencing the greatest qualities of the Japanese adventure game genre. Making use of VR technology, Tokyo Chronos is a dream team interactive visual novel project by Tokyo based studio MyDearest. Employing the talents of, among others, Haruki Kashiwakura (Rakuen Tsuihou), Kou Segawa (Nazo Suki Shoujo), Kazuma Miki (Sword Art Online) and illustrator LAM (Fate/Grand Order), Tokyo Chronos will be a true revolution to the visual novel genre.
Tokyo Chronos is a mystery novel about 8 childhood friends seperated from the reality of this world, and trapped in an empty Shibuya, barren of any other souls. As time and space seemingly comes to a halt, the eight begin to disappear, one by one. What has happened to this world? What is happening to the ones trapped inside this hollow void? Who is the culprit that set the mystery in motion in a space that stands still.


Sekai Project “5th Anniversary” Sena Clearfile

Receive a clearfile for your purchase at our booth! Restrictions apply!

Sekai Project “5th Anniversary” Sena Acrylic Stand-Up Figure

A super limited run of Sena in beautiful acrylic stand-up. With limited edition 5th anniversary logo sky paint.

NEKOPARA “AX2018” Cinnamon x Maple T-shirt

Exclusive “SP Side” NEKOPARA t-shirt.

And many more limited stock/deadstock merchandise will be available so stop by to secure your goods!

***COMMISSIONS: PICPICGRAM and hoshi will be taking commissions. Please inquire within the booth for more info.

Also check out our sister company Denpasoft for their AX2018 infos! *18+ NSFW* Click >here< (18+).