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Sekai Project and VisualArt’s announce the licensing of CLANNAD Full Voice Edition

LOS ANGELES, CA – Aug 23, 2014 – Sekai Project is teaming up with renowned Japanese game maker, VisualArt’s, to release the acclaimed visual novel game, CLANNAD. Originally released in Japan in 2004, Sekai Project is proud to announce its license in time for the 10th anniversary of the game.

Ranked as one of the all time best-selling visual novel games in Japan, CLANNAD is also well-known for its manga and anime adaptations as well. While its adaptations have been available overseas for Western fans to enjoy, soon they will also be able to experience this emotionally touching franchise on the PC as well. Utilizing the popular distribution platform, Steam(tm) and the crowdfunding platform, Kickstarter(tm), Sekai Project aims to make VisualArt’s famous titles more easily accessible to fans around the world. Sekai Project will release the Full Voice Edition of CLANNAD featuring an all-star voice acting cast.

CLANNAD tells the story of Tomoya Okazaki, a third-year student who doesn’t take life seriously and listlessly waits for something to break out of his monotonous life. A chance meeting with a female classmate, Nagisa Furukawa, and other fellow students begins to change both him and the people around him. With memorable characters and a sentimental story, CLANNAD will tug at the heart strings of readers and further draw them into the world of VisualArt’s famous title.

About VisualArt’s
VisualArt’s is one of Japan’s largest publishers of visual novels. The company specializes in the development of game engines and distribution of the games created from them to multiple platforms including PC and console platforms. Presently VisualArt’s is publishing for over 40 game brands, including their most famous studio, Key.

About Sekai Project
Sekai Project is a Los Angeles-based licensing company focused on Japanese media content. Founded in 2013, the company strives to improve the way in which fans can connect with creators through the creative use of crowdfunding and social media. Sekai Project aims to bring quality content to the Western world.


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