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Parfait Remake
Developer: Entergram

“Brick Mall” is a huge shopping center that has been designed with a medieval European town motif.
With the grand opening set to take place in a few months, it’s beginning to be more aggressive in their attempts to lure in popular restaurants.

“famille” is a European-style antique coffee shop run by our hero, and his older sister-in-law, Ema.
They lost their previous location due to a fire, and while they’ve been closed they receive an invitation from Brick Mall to open a location there.
Seeing this as a chance to revive their shop, Hitoshi begins to gather the currently scattered staff.
One, then a second returns, but some do not.
Even though things aren’t going exactly to plan, once they’ve gotten to the point where they’re ready to open the shop, they see a sign for the shop directly opposite of them go up.
The name written on the sign is “curio”. It’s a European-style antique coffee shop that has the exact same kind of concept as famille.

This makes sense, as famille is sort of based on curio.

We don’t stand a chance against the real deal?
As he deals with friends who are against the idea, all Hitoshi can do is try his best, even though he has no real chance of winning, and is short-handed on top of that.
Suddenly, a young lady named Yui appears before him, clad in the shop’s uniform and wanting to work at famille.
Her smile and her heart-catching singing voice make Hitoshi feel like they just might have a fighting chance.
And so as they hold onto a sliver of hope, they finally open the doors to the shop.
For some reason, Hitoshi ends up making a bet against one of the staff at the opposing shop, Rea, about who will have the best profits.
Having done so, he turns to his staff and declares,

“Let’s take down curio!”