Looking for a job?

We offer full health benefits, 401k, and flat management structure.

What We’re Looking For

Talented individuals who are motivated to help change the industry.

Japanese language proficiency as well as a strong interest in Japanese culture.

Most importantly, passion to work above and beyond what is expected.

If you are interested in joining our team, please e-mail a cover letter, resume, and contact information to hr”at”sekaiproject.com. Subject line should read “Job Application”.

Are you multi-lingual? Do you love Video Games? Do you like manga and light novels? Do you speak English and are fluent reading and speaking another language? Then we want to work with you! Please send us your resume and cover letter if you’re fluent in any of the following languages and have a solid or native grasp of English! Prior experience is preferred, but we’re always looking for people with passion!

  • Japanese-to-English
  • English-to-Japanese
  • English-to-French
  • Korean-to-English
  • Chinese-to-English

Don’t see the language you’re confident in listed? Send us your resume anyway! We’re always expanding our reach to new countries!

Does the lack of proper grammar on our webpage bother you? Does the recent trend of people misspelling “lose” and “loose” make your unreasonably angry? Or maybe your favorite video game is  the adaptation of Scrabble? If grammar and words are your forte, or the prospect of being an editor sounds arousing then we want you!

What we’re looking for:

  • Major/Degree in Communications, Journalism or English
  • Prior experience writing or interning for a media outlet, game or novel
  • Proficient in using Computers
  • Great at communication
  • Passion for video games, anime or writing

None of these are absolute requirements. We believe that you are more than the sum of what’s on paper. We have positions open right now so if you’re interested, send us your resume, cover letter and is possible a writing sample so we can see if you’re right for the job!

When I told management I knew nothing about programming, they told me to find someone, so here we are! Do you tinker with code for fun? Is your youtube history just Defcon playlists on repeat? Do you spend more time on Github than Reddit? Than we’re on the right track!

Currently we’re looking for experts in:

  • Unity Game Engine (Porting / Bug Fixing)

Certifications for the above engines or programming languages is always a plus, but we know that not everyone has the time to go for them.

If you’re confident in your know-how then send us a cover letter and resume so we can take a look!