Featured image for “Undead Darlings ~no cure for love~”
September 28, 2020 | English-audio

Undead Darlings ~no cure for love~

What is Undead Darlings? Journey with and learn more about a crew of half-zombie girls through visual novel sequences and as you crawl through dungeons, beating up twisted creatures that...

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Featured image for “Exogenesis ~Perils of Rebirth~”
April 19, 2019 | English-audio

Exogenesis ~Perils of Rebirth~

It’s 2069. Yudai Sayashi’s ragtag club of “treasure hunters” (referred to as looters by those who know them), Durchhalten, was closer to real treasure than they’d ever been before. Overly...

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Featured image for “National Park Girls”
March 14, 2019 | English-audio

National Park Girls

All Eve ever wanted was to protect and preserve the land, but after five years of being a ranger in Yosemite National Park, she’s just about ready to throw in...

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Featured image for “Heart of the Woods”
February 15, 2019 | English-audio

Heart of the Woods

A fantasy yuri visual novel filled with magic, fairies, and a ghost girl. When Maddie and her best friend, Tara, journey to a remote forest village to investigate rumors of...

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Featured image for “Just Deserts”
July 25, 2016 | English-audio

Just Deserts

Just Deserts is a sci-fi action dating sim where you play as a soldier who must protect a city from mysterious alien attack, while at the same time need to...

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Featured image for “Highway Blossoms”
June 17, 2016 | English-audio

Highway Blossoms

Highway Blossoms is a short yuri kinetic novel set in the American Southwest. After an old gold rush miner’s journal is discovered, supposedly detailing where he hid parts of his...

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