Featured image for “WORLD END ECONOMiCA ~complete~”
April 21, 2021 | ESRB-T


In the far future on the moon, humans have begun to colonize it. A young boy named Haru has been chasing his wildest dream. His dream is to stand where...

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Featured image for “fault – milestone one”
October 3, 2019 | ESRB-T

fault – milestone one

fault is a series of Science Fantasy Cinematic Novels using a unique 3D Camera system for a visually immersive reading experience, which follow the story of a princess named Selphine...

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Featured image for “Project LUX”
February 2, 2018 | ESRB-T

Project LUX

The crime… is murder. Our story takes place in a court trial, set in a futuristic world where most humans have cyberbrains. The defendant on trial is an agent who...

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Featured image for “Rabi-Ribi”
October 30, 2017 | ESRB-T


Erina’s humdrum life as a regular rabbit is turned upside-down when she finds herself in an unknown world and turned into a human! Along the way she meets the cheerful...

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