Featured image for “Hana’s Campus Life”
March 22, 2021 | Korean-text

Hana’s Campus Life

“You have a very important mission!” The girl, who claims to be a god, had an unusual appearance. Long silver hair, oversized dark uniform…. “Kid?” “Hey! That’s rude!” It goes...

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Featured image for “fault – milestone one”
October 3, 2019 | Korean-text

fault – milestone one

fault is a series of Science Fantasy Cinematic Novels using a unique 3D Camera system for a visually immersive reading experience, which follow the story of a princess named Selphine...

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Featured image for “My Girlfriend is a Mermaid!?”
February 28, 2019 | Korean-text

My Girlfriend is a Mermaid!?

That summer, I met you. The mermaid… Our protagonist lives out in the city but one summer decides to return to his rural hometown and it is there he once...

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Featured image for “A Magical High School Girl”
November 22, 2016 | Korean-text

A Magical High School Girl

“The magic beckons you.” A Magical High School Girl is a magic crafting rogue-like RPG! The only weapon you possess is the magic you conjure from within. You can freely...

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