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Title: Yume to Iro de Dekiteiru
Developer: feng
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When Ai Onbara was young, he and his childhood friends would often play together and call themselves the “World Defense Force”. It’s a name that makes him embarrassed to even think about. But one day, Ai left the group and they all started to drift apart, with some of them transferring to other schools.

In the present, a new student transfers to Ai’s school. She turns out to be one of his childhood friends who had moved away when they were young. This reunion kickstarts the reemergence of the group they once belonged to as children. Thus the “Kamido Defense Club” is founded. Also known as the “Defense Club”.

The purpose of this club is to safeguard the youthful days of students and their love lives. They are something of a volunteer club that gives out advice to those in need. The club members have some odd hobbies and each of them have never actually been in love before. Yet through their club activities, they all begin to have an interest in experiencing love for themselves.