In this world, three races — humans, sprites, and kindred — coexist with their own unique cultures. Some races are on good terms with each other, such as humans and sprites, while others may not get along as well, such as sprites and kindred, but they all live together more or less harmoniously.

Nowhere is that cooperative attitude more apparent than here in the most commercially-developed town on the archipelago, Notte Luce.

The tale about to be told is about a boy named Louis and his experiences in Notte Luce.

The game is based around buying goods at low prices in the market and selling them a profit, making money to grow your store, overtaking rival shops, and becoming the number one merchant in Notte Luce.

The number of people who come to your store changes with the in-game weather and time of day. Plan accordingly and use your time wisely to increase your sales!

You can use points to change how the inside of your store looks, expand your store, add different kinds of goods, and more. Try out all sorts of customizations!
※ You can obtain the points you need for customization by selling goods.

As the story progresses, you’ll meet adventurers whom you can ask to explore dungeons and bring back goods for you to sell. There are even some goods you can only find through dungeon exploration!

The story advances like any adventure-style game, and along the way, you’ll meet plenty of unique characters!

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