“Connie Amarance”, the popular visual novel with over 50,000 downloads on Korea’s app store, is now available!

It’s the tale of Connie Amaranth, a woman who has lost everyone she loves — her friends, her family, and her fiance — and has been left all alone.

This compelling story of one woman’s heartbreaking past is supported by high quality music, a fully voiced cast, and even beautiful, high resolution CGs that are full of emotion.

The moment you tap the download button at the top of this page, you’ll be transported to a new and exciting dimension.

Won’t you listen to her story with us?

Game Details

The story of this visual novel is told from a first-person perspective and has music, character CGs, and character voices for you to enjoy.

The main character, Connie Amaranth, and the characters that she becomes involved with are the driving forces behind the story.

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