Case Summary

The age of the Selenon has begun. When these all-powerful beings arrived to take control of Earth, no one could stand in their way. Now, they rule over humanity from the dark side of the Moon, and the Bureau of Human Protection presides over the last vestiges of the human race. They have forced humankind to obey a single law – halt all technological progress or be annihilated.

Violet is an agent of SPECTRA, a group of psychics who work for the Bureau. She and her partner Blue have been given a new assignment – find the culprit of a murder. It seems clear-cut, but things are never that easy… especially when they involve the New Moon Resistance, a group of freedom fighters who want to stop the Selenon at any cost.

Trapped between duty and desire, Violet is drawn into a race against time to discover the ultimate fate of humanity…

Selenon Rising is planned to be released in 4 parts and published by Sekai Project on Steam. Part 1 is coming in early 2016 while the rest will be released as similarly-priced add-ons throughout 2016.

The Selenon have arrived

In the distant past, they awoke from beyond the Moon wielding impossible powers, and gave humanity an ultimatum – surrender or perish. Some believed them to be harbingers of the apocalypse, others bowed to their will, but many chose to fight back.

Creating the Machina to match them in psychic power, they brought the war to space. But, even these were beaten back and obliterated. In punishment, the Selenon have wiped out seemingly all of humanity… except for the few that remain under the Bureau’s protection.

A City at the end of the world.

The City contains what is seemingly the last of humanity. The Bureau of Human Protection functions as its government, sending its Enforcers to keep the peace… and the agents of SPECTRA, the Special Counter-Technology Reconnaissance and Assault force, to prevent technology from being used against the Selenon.

The agents of SPECTRA are special – they are psychics, humans who have received the powers of the Selenon in order to carry out their will. But, with such power also comes a curse. Those who refuse to obey the Selenon or fail in their duties will face the ultimate punishment. For an agent, as with the Selenon, failure is not an option.

The Inner City

The Inner City has thrived due to its location under the Dome. Many buildings from ancient times still stand here alongside more recent ones. A center of business and entertainment, only the middle and upper class can afford to live here. The heavy Enforcer presence also means that crime is relatively low, though there are still some seedy parts of town.

For many denizens of the Inner City, it can be easy to forget about the world outside. As long as the Bureau does its job, most people here would prefer to live under the gaze of the Selenon if it meant preserving their livelihoods.


Age: 24 | Sex: Female | Height: 5’8″
“The Enigmatic Esper”

A young lady who recently joined the Bureau, she has begun rising through the ranks due to her dedication and attention to detail. A rare esper, she has the psychic ability to read the emotions of others. Her seemingly cold demeanor is actually due to her tight control over her powerful emotions. The Bureau’s memory erasure has made the circumstances of her past unknown.


Age: 30 | Sex: Male | Height: 6’2″
“The Ingenious Investigator”

A veteran agent, Blue has survived plenty of scrapes thanks to his abilities of clairvoyance. A crack shot with the revolver and a skilled detective, Blue was recently partnered with Violet to show her the ropes. His casual personality hides a powerful sense of duty, and rumor has it that he used to be an Enforcer.


Age: 28 | Sex: Female | Height: 5’9″
“The Dangerous Devotee”

Red used to be Blue’s partner, until a certain incident caused them to go their separate ways. She remains one of the Bureau’s most feared and respected agents, with the ability to teleport anywhere. She seems to be becoming more and more consumed with gaining power, claiming that a cultist figure holds the answers to humanity’s plight – but are they the right answers?

Chief Noble

Age: 35 | Sex: Male | Height: 6’3″
“The Staunch Statesman”

The Chief of the Bureau, a former agent rumored to have been chosen by the Selenon, he is privy to the most secret information. He is insistent that the New Moon Resistance be wiped out before humanity itself is destroyed in retribution. His take-no-prisoners personality can be grating to some, but no one dares contest his decisions.

Age: ??? | Sex: Female | Height: 5’8″
“The Studious Secretary”

A prim, mature-sounding woman who functions as the Chief’s secretary and closest confidante. She is best known for her opaque glasses that hide her expressions. Always in-tune with the affairs of the Bureau, she has an uncanny habit of appearing whenever you need something. She also oversees the Bureau’s vast life-support systems.

Age: ??? | Sex: Female | Height: ???

A widely-known figure within the Resistance, she is on the Bureau’s Most Wanted list. Her motives are unclear, but she seems to want to kidnap Violet for unknown reasons. She isn’t afraid to attack anyone who gets in her way, and her ultimate goal is thought to be the dissolution of the Bureau, as a stepping stone for striking out against the Selenon.

The rarity of high technology means that memories from the past often blaze a trail of death, leaving chaos in their wake.

As a SPECTRA agent, Violet has the power to do anything necessary to confiscate or destroy ancient tech. But, to do that requires careful investigation. Violet can investigate certain areas for clues, which are added to the evidence file.

The discovered clues are later used in interrogations.

Sometimes, suspects know things they aren’t willing to give up without a fight. In an interrogation, Violet can use either her evidence, or her psychic powers of emotion reading to uncover the truth.

After questioning the suspect, the player must “present” a piece of evidence, or “doubt” an emotion that directly contradicts a suspect’s statement to catch them out on their lies.

Later on, there may be even more things that come into play…

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