Still, I Miss Her

A visual novel about boy who has to overcome the odds to save the love of his life.

The antagonist “Jin-Tae” has been seducing girls (include your lover) through the use of an illegal drug. But with help of “Sin-Ah”, you may be able to bring him to justice, get your revenge, and get back your lost love.

I can’t understand how this happened? You may want to listen my story. That night, I was rejected by a girl whom I’ve loved for 10 years.

With a feeling of absolute loss, I sit alone on a swing, hopping that everything was all just a dream. Seemingly out of nowhere a mysterious girl approached me and said “I know how and why this happened, if you can trust and cooperate with me, you can take back your love, and be happy once more.”

It felt like signing a contract with the devil, but I took her hand. That night, I didn’t know if the choice I made was the right one or what outcome it will bring.

Still, I Miss Her is coming to Steam soon