As the saying goes, dead men tell no tales. They only leave tales behind.

Toma Andrews, aged 14, has always felt like an outsider. She enjoys spending time in graveyards, and feels more comfortable among the dead than the living.

That is, until Toma meets a strange girl in her local graveyard who might be a real ghost.

The girl asks Toma if she will stay for a while and listen to a story.

A story about a girl called Emmeline Burns, who died a tragic death back in 1851.

Toma is compelled to listen, but at the same time, she feels uneasy. After all, what can she do? How could she ever hope to help somebody who has already died?


Toma Andrews

The heroine. Toma’s mother intended to call her Amelia, but this plan was scuppered after Aunt Kathryn ‘stole’ that name for her own daughter. As such, Toma was named after her Grandfather, Thomas.

Toma dislikes her name, and is jealous of her cousin, Amelia, for taking her ‘real’ name. She seems to believe that her ill-fitting name is the reason for her introverted nature, and often wonders how different her life would be if she had been called Amelia instead.

Toma enjoys spending time in graveyards, perhaps because of her mother’s obsession with family history, and seems to instinctively ‘know’ where to find specific graves. This skill made her very useful during her mother’s search for the final resting places of their long-dead relatives.

A strange girl Toma meets at the local graveyard.
She speaks in an ornate manner that would befit a person from another time period, and her dress sense is much the same.
Though she seems rather quiet and pensive, she has a more playful side, and likes to give people cute nicknames.


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