Vilserio! Welcome to the World Of Fault webpage. A collaboration between ALICE IN DISSONANCE and Sekai Project. The World Of Fault will be a bi-weekly web manga diving into the details and small intricacies that make up Fault. In this webpage you will find the most current issue always presented below and previous issues for easy accessibility. At the bottom of each issue will be a description box explaining specific items in the manga. In a light hearted and fun way we hope you will enjoy this new side story and maybe even discover something new about Fault!

Current Issue

World of Fault Issue#7

Previous Issue

  • World of Fault Issue#6
  • World of Fault Issue#6
  • World of Fault Issue#5
  • World of Fault Issue#4
  • World of Fault Issue#3
  • World of Fault Issue#2
  • World of Fault Issue#1



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