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Amairo Chocolate 3
Developer: Cabbage Soft

It’s been about one year since a young man came to Yunagicho. And in this town, he’s met quite a few people.

A serious young lady who works part-time at a coffee shop – Yukimura Chieri.
An innocent shrine maiden that came from one of the beastfolk homelands – Amamiya Mikuri
A fluffy and kind woman who acts a coordinator for the local beastfolk – Misono Ichika
A strong-willed gamer that wants to be cool – Maiba Nana
A young lass that is a little on the shy side, but actually has quite a backbone – Momose Kaguya

The story of his loving relationships with these women continues.

And some completely new pages are about to be added to this story.

When Kaguya goes on her school field trip, our hero grows closer to her older sister, Momose Mitsuki, who is a master at making dango. In addition, Kohana, a self-proclaimed god and the one that apparently called our hero and Mikuri to Yunagicho, has been revived. She’s declared that she’ll conquer the town, so are our friends in a big pinch now!?

With more unique friends in the mix, the already enjoyable days are going to be even livelier!
Let’s do our best today, with both our familiar friends, and our new ones, too! ♪