Sekai Project

We’re Sekai Project

What is Sekai Project

Forming connections between creators and fans. We utilize various social media platforms to connect to both the fans and creators. Working directly on the ground floor of major industry events and conventions finding what the creators and fans really want.

Who we are

We are a startup based in Los Angeles with members across the globe. Fans and creators alike are working to promote multimedia and live content with a single goal of getting greater exposure to indie creators.

What we do

Utilizing disruptive innovation we are able to adapt to rapidly changing market environment and assist creators to adapt to these changes. Recent developments in the market has allowed smaller groups like us to efficiently assist creators to promote and sell their products.

Sekai Project at Work

Since 2013 we have been publishing, licensing, and localizing the most requested and most popular titles for the western world to enjoy. Since then we haven’t stopped; there’s a plethora of exciting games and other multimedia from all over the world, and we want to be the one to deliver it. We are currently focused on Asian territories, but as we continue to grow we want to introduce new games and media from all over the world.

Moving forward we want to help smaller developers grow in size and help big developers reach new markets so we can bring new experiences across all over the world.