Visual Novel

Chinese (Traditional)
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Developer: Whirlpool

Our hero, Makibishi Kikumaru, has spent his mostly plain days in the company of his tanuki-faced family members (younger sister and grandfather), but his grandfather’s sudden death causes a major shift in his daily life. A cat-earred woman in battle dress storms in on the funeral vigil and lets loose with a machine gun. His younger sister turns into a tanuki-earred ninja.

What the heck is going on? The one that comes to our hero’s rescue is a mysterious and beautiful cat-earred woman.

“My name is Touka. I am here to protect you, Lord Makibishi, no… Lord Saiga Kikumaru.”
These are the words that Touka speaks to a bewildered Kikumaru.

1) There are people that exist in this country known as “demi-humans”, as well as people of other origins, unbeknownst to the rest of the population
2) These beings served as ninja during the Sengoku period, and still exist here and there across Japan today
3) You were born into the Saiga family, who act as intermediaries between this “underworld” and mainstream society.
4) And so you are already involved in the struggle. If you don’t get serious about it, you’ll end up dead. (This part is vital.)

…So it seems.

Things seem to be a little on the serious (?) side this time, as the curtains rise again on a new NEKO-NIN chapter.
With our brand new outfits, we’re going meow meow our way into your heart.