Revival Quest
Developer: ShiroKuroSoft
Initial Release Date: March 24, 2023


Chinese (Simplified)
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    Elsinki, a humble mining town, is the destination for the swordswoman, Ravilia, and the mage, Tyris, making their return home after five long years. They are shocked to see that their hometown has been turned on its head. With the mine shut down and the town left abandoned, it seemed all but certain that the girls would lose their home—until both rise to the challenge of keeping it alive.

    Knowing that rebuilding and developing the town is the key to reviving the mine, both girls decide to venture forth in search of mining materials. However, their quest is wrought with humiliation and hardship. There are monsters dwelling in dungeons, dangerous men with ulterior motives and those with designs to crush Elsinki, but no matter what lies ahead of them, these girls remain determined.

    Everything is for the sake of their home.
    Carrying that great responsibility on their shoulders, they make their first steps on their quest.