Anime Central 2023 Announcements

Published on May 19, 2023

Couldn’t make it to our Anime Central 2023 Panel? Check here for what project updates we have and what we announced!

Have you been enjoying My Girlfriend’s Special Place? Then get ready for the next game in the Seiiki series, My Little Sister’s Special Place, coming to you soon! The QA team is hard at work testing the game for bugs and fixing typos. We’ll have more news about the release date soon, so keep an eye out for when it’s ready.

Part of a series of games focusing on protagonist Youhei Nase and his relationship with different heroines in each volume.

The story shifts to Youhei’s relationship with his younger sister, Yukana. When they were younger, he often traveled to Akihabara with Yukana for her sake, but pretty soon he found himself hooked on Akihabara’s game centers. A certain someone gifts Youhei and Yukana a Christmas trip with each other, and it’s during this time that he gets to know Yukana better.

The sequel to Amairo Chocolate is coming soon plus it’s already approved by Steam! Again our team is hard at work testing the release to find all the pesky bugs and typos for fixing. Keep an eye out for the release date!

Yunagicho, a town lined with Western-style homes. The previous autumn was when Yuzuki came to this town and met the animal eared girls and started working with them at Cafe Setaria.

The day after Christmas, he meets a lost girl looking for a traditional sweets shop. He finds the shop, which is run by her sister and that’s when he realized that they sported magnificent rabbit ears!

Suddenly, Yuzuki finds himself working at both the cake shop, Sweet Tail and the newly opened sweet shop, Mochizuki and his days just keep getting busier. But he continues to do his best in the fun and lively days he spends with these animal eared girls.

The Fandisc and sequel to Animal Trail Girlish Square are heading your way! Both LOVE+PLUS and 2 are fully translated and edited. Currently we are awaiting a build so that we can start testing the games.

Idol otaku, Nakamori Taiga and the girls of idol group Animal Trail ☆ Girlish Square are back in this series of side stories featuring Haneru and Tetora!

Haneru Route
In search of another way to promote the group, Haneru turns to streaming old games and somehow it actually proved to be a success? Of course she’s doing It for the views (and the fans) but one thing leads to another during a “study” session on old games that Taiga lends to Haneru.

Tetora Route
The seed of understanding her role as an idol begins to sprout within Tetora. She gets both excited and nervous at the prospect of practicing “stage chatter” with Taiga. Taken by surprise with this request, Taiga does what he can to help her out. That resting Tetora face says otherwise though. What will our hero do to smoothly get her talking and smiling for everyone…?

-Animal Trail Girlish Square 2-
Nakamori Taiga used to be just your average idol fanboy, cheering on the underground idol group, Animal Trail ☆ Girlish Square. However, he ended up stumbling upon his favorite idol group’s secret.

And that secret is…

They are not only idols but magical girls as well
They’re helping to stop the enchanted realm of Hemdesmel from collapsing
To do this, they must work together to find an energy source called “Pal” which is released by humans in times of immense joy
Having discovered their secret, there was no going back. Soon, he became the manager Animal Trail desperately needed (not that he was given much choice in the matter). Still, for an idol otaku like him, getting to manage his favorite group was like a dream come true. One by one, he began connecting with each of the girls, helping them to reach their full potential. Now directed by Taiga, their marketing efforts also began to bear fruit. Animal Trail ☆ Girlish Square was finally starting to gain momentum, establishing themselves as a powerhouse in the indie idol sphere.

Amidst this flurry of successes came an offer they couldn’t refuse: an invitation to the so-called Tokyo New Idol Festival. It promised to be a huge, nationally televised event backed by a big-shot production company, and it was happening right in their backyard! The goal? To decide who were the best indie idols out there, once and for all. Is this their big chance? Their golden ticket to stardom? Can they even make the cut? Animal Trail once again finds itself at a crossroads, with the girls’ collective dream on the line.

The stage is set: it’s time to kick things off with another roar!

Last announcement is for Our Connecting Sky, a book featuring the history of Sekai Project! The cover is drawn by zpolice and inside the book you will find text outlining the history of Sekai Project, various illustrations from several artists of our mascot Sena, and more!