Anime Central 2023 Event Information

Published on May 12, 2023

Thursday, May 18, 2023 Update: Winners have been contacted via e-mail. Also, waitlist rules have been changed.
Friday, May 19, 2023 Update: Guidelines updated.

To save folks time from having to scroll all the way down, the updates will be written at the top.

In order to speed up processing of winners at the start of each autograph session, tickets will be issued to autograph lottery winners prior to entering the queue. Tickets may be picked up at any time before and up to 30 minutes after the start of either autograph session. Please note that even if not all winning tickets are accounted for yet, if the queue is empty then we will begin processing waitlisted attendees.

For waitlisted attendees: There will be a designated place for the waitlist line. Due to timing, updates on its location will be posted first to our Twitter account.


Anime Central 2023 is right around and here at Sekai Project we’re putting the finishing touches on our convention preparation. This page will be your guide to everything we have in store for the event. Please note that all times are listed in Central Daylight Time.

Anime Central

May 19 – 21, 2023
Rosemont, IL

Booth Information

Location: IND11
Just like last year, we will be in the industry section of the Exhibitor Hall. For those of you who haven’t been to Anime Central in previous years, this is the area that is directly in front of the entrance to the Exhibitor Hall right before you get to the exhibitors area.

Thanks for letting everyone know, Sena-chan!

 To accommodate the autograph sessions for our guests, we have a larger booth than we did back in 2022! There will be a merchandise table featuring goods from A Light in the Dark, Alice Escaped! and a whole lot more. Next to the merchandise table we will also have demo stations to try out the new voice edition of A Light in the Dark. There will also be a stamp rally at our booth for a chance to win some fantastic prizes. You may even walk away with a stack of game download codes!


Panel Schedule

Sekai Project: 10 Years in the Gaming Industry

Friday, May 19th, 3:00 PM in Live Events 7 (Convention Center)

It’s been a crazy ride since Sekai Project was first founded in 2013. Join us in celebrating 10 years of publishing visual novels in the West. We’ll share some interesting statistics and insights from our time in the industry. There will be updates on several of our ongoing projects and perhaps even a couple new announcements. A short Q&A session will follow and time permitting, we may have some giveaways as well!


Guest Panel Schedule

Yurika Kubo Panel

Friday, May 19th, 2:00 PM in Live Events 6 (Convention Center)

Fan Q&A with Yurika Kubo, known for her roles in Love Live!, Rascal Does Not Dream of Bunny Girl Senpai, and more!


Kana Ichinose Panel

Friday, May 19th, 4:00 PM in Live Events 6 (Convention Center)

Fan Q&A with Kana Ichinose, known for her roles in Darling in the Franxx, Mobile Suit Gundam: Witch of Mercury, and more!


A Light in the Dark Panel ft. Yurika Kubo and Kana Ichinose

Saturday, May 20th, 7:00 PM in Live Events 5 (Convention Center)

A special talk panel featuring the Japanese voice talents, Yurika Kubo and Kanas Ichinose! Learn more about this dramatic visual novel game as well as commentary from both Kubo-san and Ichinose-san on their work voicing the two heroines in the game. There will be a number of surprises as well as prize giveaways!


Guest Autograph Schedule and Policies

Yurika Kubo Autograph Session

Friday, May 19th, 11:30 AM at the Sekai Project Booth (IND11)

Kana Ichinose Autograph Session

Friday, May 19th, 12:30 PM at the Sekai Project Booth (IND11)

Policies regarding both Yurika Kubo and Kana Ichinose Autograph Sessions

Please note that these policies apply to both individual autograph sessions. Limit 1 signed item per person. Officially licensed items that the guest has been involved in, blank shikishi boards, convention guidebook or convention badge can be signed. In the interest of making sure there’s enough time for fans to join the autograph session, there will be ABSOLUTELY NO PHOTOS during the session.

Both sessions will be a ticketed session via lottery. In order to apply for the autograph lottery, please go this Google Forms link and enter the following: name exactly as listed on Anime Central badge, e-mail address and which autograph session you would like to apply to. You are allowed to apply to both sessions. The lottery will run from May 12, 2023, 12:00 PM PST till May 17, 2023, 12:00 PM PST. Winners will be contacted on May 18, 2023. There will be staff to check-in winners at the Sekai Project Booth (IND11) 10 minutes before the start of each session.  In order to accommodate as many fans as possible, winners must check in no later than 30 minutes after the start of the autograph session. Make sure your badge name matches the information you enter in the Google Form otherwise you will be disqualified from participating. No exceptions.

If you didn’t win the autograph lottery, your name will be included in a waitlist and will be randomly assigned a number. Should we have additional time or no-shows, waitlisted fans will be called up in numerical order. a waitlist line will be made. First come, first serve. Please note that there is NO guarantee of receiving an autograph if you are on the waitlist.


A Light in the Dark Autograph Session

Saturday, May 20th, 12:30 PM at the Sekai Project Booth (IND11)

This autograph session will feature both Yurika Kubo and Kana Ichinose. Autographs will be first come, first serve. Limit 1 item per person which will be signed by both Kubo-san and Ichinose-san. In the interest of making sure there’s enough time for fans to join the autograph session, there will be ABSOLUTELY NO PHOTOS during the session.

For this session, guests will only be signing A Light in the Dark merchandise. Merchandise from A Light in the Dark can be purchased from the Sekai Project booth. Fans that do not have any eligible items can also request A Light in the Dark shikishi which will be made available for free. Limit 1 per fan.

Additional Information

We will work closely with Anime Central staff and the guests to ensure that fans will have a chance at getting an autograph but there may be a situation where the autograph session(s) may be cut short or have to be canceled for any number of reasons. We ask everyone for your understanding in this regard.