Anime Expo 2024 Announcement Recap

Published on July 8, 2024

Anime Expo is now officially over! Thank you so much for stopping by our booth and our panels if you were able to make it out to the convention! With that said, we’ve got some announcements and recaps for you that you might’ve missed.

First up we have a recap on our announcement of Seed of Heroes

Seed of Heroes is a brand new bullet heaven style game from the developer Vermillion Digital (M.A.S.S. Builder). And while this title is being developed under the Vermillion Digital name, the team working on Seed of Heroes is separate from the M.A.S.S. Builder team. The store page is already live on Steam and we’re working on getting the demo up and running for the public very soon.

Players take on the role of warriors seeking glorious battles and get to the halls of Valhalla. Journey through various realms, take on hordes of enemies, collect treasures, and defeat bosses that will try to stop you. Pass the trials and tribulations, and prepare for the Ragnarok.

Wishlist it on Steam here


Next we have an update on Akaneiro ni Somaru Saka

Fans of the anime get ready to experience the original visual novel it’s based off of! The translation and editing are complete! We’re gong full steam ahead on programming so that we can get it ready for QA. We have a few sample screenshots of the game running in English for you to enjoy. Please note text in the screenshots is subject to change.


Last update is for NEKOPARA After – La Vraie Familie

This release is still in development and is no longer planned to be just a DLC to Volume 4. Currently aiming for a 2025 release. More news will be coming soon!


New announcements below!

A NEKOPARA 10th Anniversary Chocola & Vanilla Figure Project is in the works!

December 29, 2024 will mark 10 years since the first NEKOPARA game was released. With over 6 million units sold across the entire franchise, several spin-offs, manga, anime OVA, and anime TV series, the NEKOPARA franchise is well-known across the world. In celebration of this milestone, a new set of figures of Chocola and Vanilla is in the works. The illustration which serves as the basis for the figures is based off of an image used for a NEKOPARA calendar back in 2015. Scupting of the figures will be done by NEKOPARA creator, Sayori.

Plans are underway to launch a crowdfunding campaign to fund the manufacturing of these figures. More details will be coming soon.


Nyani?! A NEKOPARA Remaster is in the works!! 

This remaster will be coming to each game in the series. Vol. 1 is currently scheduled for Q4 of 2024. This update will feature updated character sprites and full HD support.


Nie no Hakoniwa is getting a Vinyl release in Q4 2024 / Q1 2025!

We’re working with Very Ok Vinyl to release a vinyl of the Nie no Hakoniwa soundtrack! This will be our first release with VoV and will be spread across two vinyl records.


Preorders are now open! Grab yours here.

Amairo Chocolate 3! More cafes & cute kemonomimi girls!

The 3rd volume in the series is in the works! Translation is making steady progress. Vol. 3 focuses on Mitsuki and the new heroine, Kohana. Our current release date is planned for some time in 2024.

It’s been about one year since a young man came to Yunagicho. And in this town, he’s met quite a few people.

A serious young lady who works part-time at a coffee shop – Yukimura Chieri
An innocent shrine maiden that came from one of the beastfolk homelands – Amamiya Mikuri
A fluffy and kind woman who acts a coordinator for the local beastfolk – Misono Ichika
A strong-willed gamer that wants to be cool – Maiba Nana
A young lass that is a little on the shy side, but actually has quite a backbone – Momose Kaguya
The story of his loving relationships with these women continues.
And some completely new pages are about to be added to this story.

When Kaguya goes on her school field trip, our hero grows closer to her older sister, Momose Mitsuki, who is a master at making dango. In addition, Kohana, a self-proclaimed god and the one that apparently called our hero and Mikuri to Yunagicho, has been revived. She’s declared that she’ll conquer the town, so are our friends in a big pinch now!?

With more unique friends in the mix, the already enjoyable days are going to be even livelier!
Let’s do our best today, with both our familiar friends, and our new ones, too! ♪


Last up is the Rabi-Ribi Platinum Edition

More Rabi-Ribi is on the way coming to PS4 this October! We’re printing physical copies of the game as well, so don’t miss out! The DLC will be available to purchase on the PlayStation Store. This DLC adds Cocoa Mode, Before Next Adventure, Orchestra Music Mode, the digital artbook, and new costume skins.

Well that’s all we have for you from this Anime Expo, we hope you enjoyed the announcements and the convention!!