Announcement of Theme Song Renewal for 2236 A.D.

Published on August 8, 2022

We are pleased to announce that we have decided to change and renew the vocal parts of
SOLVED9 (and 6)
You’re On The Round World

Alongside the game update, the soundtrack will also be updated with these new songs.

Melty-san, who has been the original vocalist for the above songs, made the request for the change and thus we have decided to honor that request. Considering how much longer and widespread 2236 A.D. has become, it made sense for us to update the game with new music.

Although it is an unfortunate situation, we are grateful of the work Melty-san did and hope to deliver these renewed songs for all users to enjoy. Please note, that although we are discontinuing the current version of the game for sale, users are not required to update their installation. However, we ask that you do not stream or show the previous songs on the internet without Chloro’s permission.

New Vocalists and Future Plans

First off, we would like to introduce our new vocalists!

SOLVED9 (and 6)
Elena Hasumi (@elena_hasumi)
Vocalist/Composer/Vocaloid producer and a genuine bishoujo game enthusiast who is very active in music

You’re On The Round World
Ruki Momoi (@RukirinJP)
A singer from Spain who is also an anime Youtuber/Streamer involved in broadcasting about Japanese anime

emi (@emi_info)
Vocalist for the progressive metal group, Release Hallucination (@Relehallu_info)

It’s only with the cooperation of this talented group, that we have been able to finish updating the music in 2236 A.D. We worked hard to meet the expectations of our fans so we certainly hope you will look forward to checking out the new music!