Clea & Clea 2 Released on PS4!

Published on September 29, 2022

From the developer InvertMouse, Clea and Clea 2 have just arrived digitally on PS4! Clea & Clea 2 are also available digitally on other platforms such as Steam, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox.


Mum and Dad have been experimenting on Chaos Servants, but now, the monsters have been let loose. Clea, with her brother in tow, must escape from the Whitlock Mansion.

Watch your back, Clea. Those closest to you may be the real terror.

Clea 2

Four years have passed since the Whitlock Mansion tragedy. Florine, a former maid, is determined to resurrect the person who means everything to her. To succeed, she must travel past the third dimension and into the realms beyond. Otherworldly horrors lie in wait, but Florine is determined to soldier on.

This, after all, is her final chance at redemption.

Watch your back, Clea

Clea and Clea 2 features:

  • Skill-focused horror
    Clea is primarily a test of skills. Enemies roam the halls dynamically in real-time, reacting to the players’ every noise. Clea is a challenging title, rewarding those who have mastered its mechanics.
  • Outwit the Chaos Servants
    The Chaos Servants are on the hunt. Listen for their footsteps, peek under doors, and stay far, far away.
  • Escape the Whitlock Mansion
    The Whitlock family has trapped Clea inside the mansion. Hunt down key items and solve the puzzles designed to lock you from the outside world.
  • No jump scares
    No prescripted scares, promise. Your skills and actions will determine Clea’s fate.
  • Unveil family history
    The Whitlock bloodline is filled with dark memories. Obtain memory orbs and uncover your family secrets through bonus chapters.
  • Replayability
    Unlockable costumes/galleries/difficulty modes, multiple endings and even an arcade feature. Plenty of reasons for Florine to revisit her journey.
  • Fully voiced
    Every cutscene is fully voiced. Please enjoy the cast’s performance as we sink deeper into Clea’s lore than ever before.

Developer: InvertMouse
Price: $14.99
Release Date: Sept. 30, 2022

Clea 2
Developer: InvertMouse
Price: $14.99
Release Date: Sept. 30, 2022

Now Available on:
Clea – PlayStation 4
Clea 2 – PlayStation 4