Gate Vol 2, The Delays and an Apology

Published on August 1, 2018


At Sekai Project we pride ourselves in quality releases when it comes to our physical goods. So we want to explain the situation to you with as much transparency as possible as to what has caused the extended delays with Gate Vol 2. Below are 5 images from inside Gate Vol 1. This is the standard you should expect when it comes to image quality for a printed manga.

The above text is clear with crisp edges. It’s easy to ready and causes no eye strain.

Details in the original art are captured and shown with no loss of quality.

The above images are the standard within the industry and a standard that we hold our printers to. We won’t and would never distribute lower quality items to fans, we expect only the best when it comes to our physical releases.

The following images are what we received in for the Gate Vol 2 books. You’ll see why we won’t release these books to the public as they stand currently.

The printers used a lower quality printing method and it ruined the original art. The text is unreadable, it’s choppy and rough and not to our standards for a release.

The characters all seem to have a moire effect on their printing which strains the eyes when looking at the pages.

These are not the standards we hold ourselves to when it comes to our physical releases.

Currently, we are working with the printers to find a solution to bring you a reprint with the proper quality we expect for our favorite manga. Sadly due to the nature of printing and print schedules, the delay is taking longer than anticipated, so we are also looking into other printing solutions to bring you the quality manga you expect and that we demand of ourselves. This is why your copies of Vol 2 have not yet been shipped. Initially, we had planned to have these ready for Anime Expo 2018, but the delays caused them to not only arrive late but once they arrived and when we checked the copies we received, this was unacceptable.


We are pushing ourselves and the printers to provide you with Vol 2 in a timely manner and we apologize for these extended delays. Please be rest assured that we will be working around the clock to bring you Vol 2 to your hands as promised. Thanks for your continued patience.