Hana’s Campus Life English Update Coming to Steam Tomorrow!

Published on June 17, 2024

We’re pleased to announce that the long-awaited English update for Hana’s Campus Life will be coming to Steam tomorrow! Thank you to everyone who has been waiting patiently for an update on this release.

Hana’s Campus Life is a visual novel told in the perspective of Jeong Lee-Han, an engineering student just entering his 3rd year of college. He finds himself in a bizarre situation when his life is saved by Hana, a small girl who claims to be a god.

Throughout the game, Lee-Han will face numerous situations. The reality that comes to him will be completely different depending on the player’s decisions. Perhaps he can make his dream come true as he hopes and walks the path of becoming a developer. Or perhaps he will face the truth of the world in order to save the person that he couldn’t ignore, or maybe he will save the world instead.

Developed by Korean game studio, LIMITED FACTORY, Hana’s Campus Life was initially released in November 2022 on the Korean game platform, Stove, Hana’s Campus Life was later released in Korean in March 2023 on Steam.

It’s not considered breaking and entering if you have the passcode to your friend’s apartment. Makes sense.

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