HAPPY SAIN† SHEOL Demo is now available on Steam!

Published on December 21, 2023

2023 might be coming to an end but we have one more announcement before we’re off for the holidays! We’re pleased to announce that the demo for HAPPY SAIN† SHEOL is now out on Steam! While the game itself wasn’t ready for release this year, users waiting on its release can give the demo a try before its eventual release in 2024.

Originally announced back in Anime Expo 2022, this visual novel by indie developer, 122pxsheol, weaves a tale about a world in the aftermath of the Pestis disaster which destroyed large swathes of land and decimated the global population. It is here at the temple of Saint Sheol that people gather to do what they can to save this dead world. Learn more about Saint Sheol and its workers in the Steam demo.

Ready for a day of work at Saint Sheol

If you enjoyed the demo, don’t forget to wishlist the game on Steam and keep an eye out for more news on the full release of the game.

Developer: 122pxsheol
Price: TBD
Release Date: 2024