New Announcement! Bullet Heaven Game, Seed of Heroes Coming to Steam

Published on July 1, 2024

Anime Expo is still a few days away but we already have our first announcement for everyone! From Vermillion Digital, the developers of M.A.S.S. Builder, comes “Seed of Heroes”, a fast-paced bullet heaven game where mighty heroes seek out glory on their quest to enter the halls of Valhalla. This exciting new release will be coming to Steam in Q3 2024.

“Prove yourself that you are worth a seat in the halls of Valhalla, for Ragnarok is coming and all the realms’ greatest heroes shall convene to protect the world from the forces that seek to harm its harmony.”

  • Choose your hero and create a party of heroes each with unique attacks and abilities.
  • Obtain treasures to bolster your powers and fight back against hordes of enemies and powerful bosses.
  • Learn to survive against intense boss attack patterns in this grid-based game

Only the greatest of heroes will reach Valhalla. With frenetic gameplay and high levels of replayability, put your skills to the test in preparation for the coming of Ragnarok.

Gather allies and use power skills to fight against enemy hordes


Grid-based combat shows you where the enemy will strike next so stay on your toes


Level up and gain valuable skills to tip the scales of battle in your favor


Seed of Heroes
Developer: Vermillion Digital
Price: TBD
Release Date: September 2024

For More Information:
Seed of Heroes Steam Page –
Vermillion Digital Twitter –