Steam Autumn Sale 2023

Published on November 21, 2023

It’s autumn which means cooler weather, family gatherings and of course another big sale on Steam!

From November 21 – 28, 2023 save up to 75% off on many of our titles on Steam. From story-driven visual novels to fantastical action and puzzle games, there’s plenty to discover and add to your Steam library.

And don’t forget to keep an eye out and wishlist some of our upcoming titles!

My Academy’s Special Place – The final chapter in the Special Place trilogy by feng. Between his older sister, Yaeka, and Akiba-obsessed classmate, Maika, what antics will Youhei get in to this time?

Animal Trail ☆ Girlish Square 2 – The girls are back and with their rising popularity, they are ready to take the next step forward in idol stardom with a shot at glory at the Tokyo New Idol Festival. Break out those UOs and cheer for your favorite idol in this latest chapter from Whirlpool!

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