Summer Sales of 2024

Published on June 27, 2024

Summer Sales have started over on Steam, GOG, and more! Take a look below for some links of what we’ve got on sale for you.

Recent releases on Steam

Fleeting Iris: Alansya Chronicles Ren’Py Edition

Princess Quest

Nie No Hakoniwa – Dollhouse of Offerings

Animal Trail ☆ Girlish Square 2

My Academy’s Special Place

Animal Trail ☆ Girlish Square LOVE+PLUS

UsoNatsu ~The Summer Romance Bloomed From A Lie~

Marshmallow Imouto Succubus


Amairo Chocolate 2

My Little Sister’s Special Place

Getting Freaky With Fujiki

Hana’s Campus Life! (Now with English text!)

& More! See our publisher page for our full catalogue.

Check here for our discounted GOG releases!

A list of discounted games on GMG!


Lys and Ruka’s Magical Bag

MASS Builder

My Little Kitties

Reverse x Reverse

Tobari and the Night of the Curious Moon

Tobari 2: Dream Ocean

Tobari 2: Nightmare

Serment – Contract with a Devil

Trapper Knight, Sharpshooter Princess

Coming to Steam in 2024!

NEKO-NIN exHeart SPIN! Coming July 15th!

Kikumaru’s life was fairly normal until a gun wielding catgirl appears during his grandfather’s funeral. Even his little sister suddenly sprouts tanuki-ears! A beautiful woman (with cat ears as well) comes to his rescue. The curtain rises on the latest chapter in the NEKO-NIN exHeart series. Nin!


Two thousand years ago, the Pestis Disaster swept through the land, corrupting all living things and making it to difficult to live on the land. Having touched the darkest darkness the world has seen, one must now face the dazzling light. Thus I pose this question. Whose wings did I see that day?

Rewrite Harvest festa! Release date TBD

Fandisc for Rewrite consisting of six heroine scenarios and an RPG dungeon crawling minigame entitled Rewrite Quest.