My Lady is Living With a Rogue! (Digital)


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Series Title: My Lady is Living With a Rogue!
Author: Ni-zuma
Pages: 130
Bonus: Includes audiobook version (MP3)

“A princess’s orders are absolute… right?” Childhood friends of different rank living together!!
Kidnapped by my childhood friend!? Sengoku misalliance LOVE♪
The time is the Sengoku era! A big name princess Chizuru is kidnapped by a rogue.
His identity is that of Chizuru’s father’s subordinate, the talented ninja leader Hayato. Without knowing the reason, the two of them begin their life together, but neither can ignore the heart throbbing happenings that bring them closer!!
In the midst of this, what will happen when they find out the real reason behind their life together…!?