Rabi-Ribi 5th Anniversary Symphony Deluxe Box


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Deluxe Box Contents:

  • Rabi-Ribi 5th Anniversary Symphonic Arrange Album CD
  • UPRPRC Membership Card
  • 5th Anniversary Commemorative Coin
  • Bunny Amulet

The glamourous and dazzling scenes are not the only things to enjoy about Rabi-Ribi for the music is also just as epic. And what better way to enjoy the music then the Rabi-Ribi Symphonic Arrange Album to commemorate the 5th Anniversary of Rabi-Ribi’s release!

This album collects 25 handpicked tracks from the game and is performed by the Taipei Philharmonic Orchestra. The transition from lively, electronic music to beautifully, majestic symphonic sounds is a feast for the ears, whether human or rabbit. A must for any UPRPRC member.

UPRPRC Membership Card
This card has a serial number on it and is limited to 2,000 units.

5th Anniversary Commemorative Coin
As a UPRPRC member, you are worthy enough to carry this.

Bunny Amulet
“This is… Did Master make this?”

That’s right! This is an amulet made by Rumi. With this in hand, you will be in the most ultimate of moods.