The Curse of Kudan


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Developed by SukeraSparo

The Curse of Kudan

Girls + Yuri + Urban Legends


There’s a rumor going around about the urban legend known as “Kudan.”
They say that it takes the form of a woman in mourning dress, her face covered by a black veil, her right severed at the wrist…
They say that those who lay eyes on her are doomed to have misfortune befall them within seven days…

Feelings start to bud between student Sakuya Kudan and culinary teacher Touko Shima after coincidence brings them into one another’s orbit.
However, their peaceful everyday life is abruptly shattered when Touko sees Kudan, the harbinger of calamity.
The hours tick down as Sakuya rushes find a way to combat the curse, and her search brings her to the academy’s Occult Research Club and its president, Koto Ashinaki.
Now she must face off against the unknown in order to protect the people she loves…


Three “Kudans” await you

The First Kudan
The urban legend that’s the talk of the town.
An apparition that appears as a woman shrouded in mourning dress and brings misfortune to any who lay eyes on her.
This is the Kudan at the center of this tale.

The Second Kudan
The district where the characters live: Kudan District (North & South), Chiyoda Ward, Tokyo.
The story enfolds across the stage of this little corner of Japan’s bustling metropolis.
Locations include Kudan Women’s Academy, Kudanzaka Park, and the local station area.

The Third Kudan
Sakuya Kudan, the story’s protagonist. Strangely, she shares her name with the local apparition.
Since childhood she has been plagued by strange nightmares which have now taken on a shape from urban folklore.
Soon she will learn of her deep connection to the “Kudan” of legend…

“A person often meets her destiny on the road she took to avoid it.”

Sakuya Kudan is doomed never to get what she wants, but to always be fettered by a fate she didn’t ask for.
Yet running from fate sends her straight into its open arms…
As she seeks to avoid it, she encounters Touko Shima; when choosing to take it into her own hands, she meets Koto Ashinaki.
What will these women find swirling within the mysterious mists of myth and legend…?

Ghosts in the gloaming, and girls with rawness in their pasts

Apparitions appear in the witching hour as the girls grapple with their own personal curses.