“Will you please let me stay with you? I’ll do whatever you want.”
Two arm’s lengths away, she stood shivering in the summer rain.


“The Companion Star Project” is a name from the distant past.

With a population growth that showed no sign of slowing down, a small planet was painfully relocated to orbit around the Earth for pioneers to terraform and emigrate.


With the world’s population growth showing no sign of slowing, a small planet was gruelingly relocated into orbit around the Earth and terraformed for settlement by emigrating pioneers: the Companion Star.

After bloody wars and devastating plagues, those who stayed behind eventually lost the means to contact the Companion Star or to direct its path through the heavens.

Many years have passed. The Companion Star, its orbit now unstable, brings inevitable destruction to Earth.

Those who know of the impending calamity built shelters for themselves, but did not want the world to descend into chaos. To spare civilization from the curse of knowledge, they took the secret of the Companion Star with them deep underground…


And now, a man who knows about the end and decides to live lavishly, and a girl who will turn his life upside down.
Their story begins when she steps under his umbrella…


Companion is 100% translated. Engine/QA work is in progress.

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is coming to Steam in 2016